On Halloween, our pumpkins will be watching yours!

Starting at dusk this Halloween, the Rogers Pumpkin Patrol will be back patrolling your neighbourhood. Staffed by employee volunteers in red Rogers vans, we’re there to keep a watchful eye on little Goblins, Pirates and Monsters in case they need help. It’s our way of keeping Halloween safe for the children in the areas we serve.

Remember these safety tips when you are out on Halloween:

  • Wear a properly fitted costume that is bright and non-flammable. Use reflective tape on your costume so you can be seen in the dark.
  • Use face make-up or enlarge the eyes on your mask so you can see well. When wearing a mask, push it up on your head while walking.
  • Visit the front door of well lit homes and never go inside.
  • Plan a route and a time to be home, and stay close to home.
  • Have an adult (at home) check your treats before you eat them.
  • Younger children should go with an adult. Older children should trick-or-treat in groups.
  • If you need assistance, speak to a police officer or go to a red Rogers van.
For a printable version of handy safety tips, click here.

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